let coders, architects and designers work together in a natural flow to create web applications. Coders code the building blocks that architects and designers then use to build the product.

Many blocks are already available of the shelf for you to very quickly create speedy web applications that are rock solid.

Scalability, databases and storage already taken care of. You get all the fun!

  • Forest made
  • Easy - no coding
  • Replaces Java, Py, Ruby, PHP
  • Very powerful & very scalable
  • Runs in the cloud
  • Cut dev time by a lot - don't panic

We take no chances, is written in C++ and Lua to not cave in on you when your back-end jobs gets heavy.


  • 9:th of April
    Our crowdfunding effort was a modest success in capital raised but a very welcomed learning experience of how to communicate our product to others. We did get in touch with some very interesting people who really like
  • 2:th of April
    Release date for
    The date is still to be set for a release later this year.

VisuFlow meetup

On Monday the 2nd of Dec we presented live for the very first time at the very first #VisuFlow meetup in Stockholm and got some really positive reactions! Especially on the live debugger interface.

VisuFlow meetup »

Our heroes and crowdfunders

These are the poeple backing our crowdfunding campaign and who are having good things coming towards them:
  • Kjell-Olov Högdahl
  • Frida Berggren
  • Alexander Taylor
  • Johannes
  • Joel Söderström
  • Tom Söderlund
  • @davideriksson
  • Forrest Oliphant
  • Anonymous
  • Sophia Backlund
  • Gus Smith
  • Sam Mueller
  • Anonymous
  • French Business
  • Gus Smith
  • Zekelon
  • Maria O'Cock
  • Anonymous
  • aandelkovic
  • Pedro Ângelo
  • Lis-Marie Wiklund
  • Mesut Oytun Oktay
  • Olga Starker-Larberg


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